how dent removal works
There are many different ways to remove dents from vehicles. Most of these are quick and effective for small dents. The most popular of these methods is the paintless dent removal technique. This is done without the use of paint or fillers. In the past, the paint and filler method was the only way to repair small dents.

In the past, dents were repaired by filling them in with paint or auto body filler. While these fixed the problem, you could still see where the previous damage was located since the paint from the repair job did not match the original paint color of the car. This was generally considered the “cheaper” fix but not the best.

The problem with the old way is that the paint and filler never truly matched the car’s original OEM paint color so even though the dent was repaired, the repair itself stuck out and ultimately resulted in the vehicle being devalued due to the discrepancy in color.

How We Remove Dents From Your Automobile

There are several different methods to remove dents. One of the ways is to pull it out from the exterior paneling of the vehicle, the second is to push it out from the interior. If a dent needs to be repaired from the interior of a vehicle, messaging it may be necessary. The dent is then slowly massaged out. This is not a good method to try if you are not a professional. Massaging out dents can cause more damage to a vehicle if not done improperly. Only service from a professional should be employed

For dents that can be pulled, specialized tools known as dent pullers are used to remove little dents. The tool works basically similar to a suction cup. It is attached directly to your vehicle’s paint right above the dent. A handle that’s attached to the tool is then slowly turned. Turning too quickly may damage your vehicle. In rare cases, heat may be required to help repair the dent.

In order to do this, the interior panel needs to be removed first. In some cases, the panel can be propped open.

Dent Removal Tools We Use

There are many unique tools of the trade that are used for removing dents from vehicles. Tools utilized for repairing dents include:

Dent Suction Pullers

Dent suction pullers are mainly used for small dents and attach to the paint on your vehicle. The process of repair is simple and effective. As the handle on the dent suction puller is slowly turned, it pulls out the dent using suction.

Dent Glue Pullers

Dent glue pullers use a tab to be physically glued to the panel on your vehicle. It’s a flat pull tab that has a screw attached to it. After it’s affixed, the tab is then slowly pulled upward and backed away from the dent in order to pull it out. After the dent has been repaired, a special solution is applied to remove both the glue and the tab.

We Also Use Dent Pushing Tools

Dent pushing tools are better known as massaging tools. To use these the interior panel of your vehicle has first to be removed.

A varying number of metal rods in different sizes are used to “massage” out the dent or dents. Depending on the severity of the dent determines how many rods will be used. These rods vary in length in 2ft, 3ft, or 4ft and include:

  • 2 ft Fender Rod
  • 2 ft Large Hook
  • 2 ft Small Hook
  • 3 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 3 ft Hail Rod
  • 3 ft Single Bend
  • 4 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 4 ft Hail Rod
  • 4 ft Single Bend
  • Big Bertha Rod

Additional Dent Removal Materials

There may be a need for additional materials to remove certain dents that are difficult to repair. These additional materials can include either heat or pressure or both. Too often people assume that a small dent can be easily “popped out” with a suction puller. Many individuals do not realize that depending on the depth of the dent and how thick the steel in the vehicle’s panel is, the dent might not come out at all. With a little luck, it will pop out, and you’ll be good to go.
In some cases, the dent will pop out like it’s supposed to but with scratches in the paint. It’s never wise to attempt to remove a dent from a vehicle yourself, always consult a professional first. Too often dents that seem easy to repair end up being further damaged by cheap tools or lack of knowledge. Save yourself from having to spend more money on damage stemming from a repair gone wrong. Seek out the professionals for all your dent repair needs.

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