frequently asked questions about dent removal

Common Dent Removal Questions

Can I Try and Get the Dent Out Myself?

You can always try to remove the dent yourself but if it’s unfamiliar territory there is a risk of damaging your vehicle or that the dent won’t come out or won’t come out completely. You need to have the correct tools and the proper knowledge to remove a dent the right way. Otherwise, the repair will end up costing you more because you will not only have to fix the original dent but also any additional damage that was caused during the repair process. If the damaged was worsened and cannot be repaired, it will de-value your vehicle.

Are All Types of Dents Repairable?

The truth is that not all dents are repairable. Some dents are too difficult to access based on where they are in the paneling. Either the steel is too thick, or it’s in an awkward location. Since older vehicles are made with thicker steel, dents can be more challenging to remove than newer models that are made of thinner steel.

Will Repairing the Dent Cause Damage to My Car?

In some cases if the paint is already chipped or if there is a crack, repairing a dent in that area can actually cause more damage to the vehicle itself. Paintless dent removal is the only solution for keeping your vehicle free from further harm.

Can I Use One of Those Cheap Dent Removal Kits?

The kits may work if you have prior knowledge on how to use them but for an average user or for someone who has never repaired a dent before, these products will only cause more damage than they are worth. This can happen because many of the kits use the glue method of repair which takes a lot more experience to master than other repair methods. If you ever have questions, always seek out a professional for help.

What About Those Online Tutorial Videos Using a Plunger?

Before you try to repair a dent with a plunger, you should be aware of one important thing. Most plungers are too large to pull out small dents. In some cases, the plungers may actually cause a larger problem than repair the issue. Modern vehicles are made with thinner steel than older ones and using the wrong amount of pressure can cause your dent to become worse. Or you might create new damage (like scratches in the paint). If you’re going to use a puller, be sure it fits the dent exactly.

How Long Will It Take to Repair My Vehicle?

The general timeframe you’ll have to wait is not long at all. However, this depends on the number of dents your vehicle has, their sizes, and their location on your vehicle. In short, if the dent is small, then it is safe to assume about 30 minutes to complete one repair. If you have larger or more complicated dents, the process will typically require anywhere from one to three hours.

Will Paintless Dent Removal Fix Hail Damage?

Paintless dent removal is the preferred method of most insurance companies when hail damages your vehicle. This repair method also aids in maintaining the value of your vehicle because the paintless dent removal does not damage the paint.

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